Writing Woes
Writing Woes

Footnote: Initially I thought it wouldn’t be too hard to nut out three web comics each week. It wasn’t the writing, but the art took longer than expected. But over time you build up muscle memory and acclimate to using the tablet for web comics. Before I only used it for illustration. But what I wasn’t ready for was the grind of writing new materials - it slashed my output. All my work is done from home and didn’t see a reason to write somewhere else. As a mild misanthropic, I don’t like crowds. But I had to try something different. I found the library to be a comfortable place to write, sitting alone next to a window. And actually writing at Starbucks seem to help crack one off, even with other squatters and cashier’s zombie stare. “Writing Woes” was written at Starbucks with one tall Americano.
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