Muammar Gaddafi’s Farewell Tour
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Hello. My name is. Please call me. Of course I’m not a real, but the ladies likes the title. My farewell tour is not going so well, with all the bombing and stuff, I had to reschedule all my dates. Also the tickets sales are low, actually they’re free, but whatever. I understand they’re too busy doing something else.

Relation with the is not so good these days. I don’t think they like me, I don’t think my neighbors like me either. Screw’em, I have 30 to 40 bootylicious body guards. Nothing will ruin my farewell tour, I’ll use my tricked out and see my people in person.

There has been some talk about the way I look. I know my face looks like an elephants junk. No matter, when this is all over, maybe I’ll open my own tequila bar.